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Things To Do

on January 20, 2015

Larger to do list

Last week I was too busy to write my blog. This week I decided I’d write a blog about being busy.

I like being busy. I like having a list of things, tangible things, to accomplish. I find it truly satisfying to go through a list like that and cross things off as I’ve done them. It makes me feel like I have purpose, like the air I breathe isn’t being wasted on someone who doesn’t do anything. I can say to the world “Look at what I’ve DONE” and feel like I’ve justified my existence. Or something like that. I’ve always felt this way, ever since I was old enough to understand what a sense of accomplishment was; the habit of making “to do” lists is one of a lifetime.

As a self-employed person who hasn’t had enough to do at times, in an effort to fill my hours with productive activities my “to do” lists have said things like “Read up on new meeting technology” or “Look for clients”. Yes, these are tasks that can show results, but they don’t provide the immediate gratification of “Send audition invitations” or “Book meeting space”.

Of course there are the regular, day-to-day lists; those things we all have to do on a regular basis. “Go to the grocery store” is a relentless demand that I sometimes ignore in favor of “Call husband and ask him to bring something home for dinner.” “Do the laundry”, “Clean the bathrooms”, “Empty the dishwasher” – I can derive some pleasure from accomplishing these things, but they’re almost the price of admission to life, the bare minimum you have to do. And you have to do them anyway, regardless of what else is going on, so I might as well add “Have blue eyes” or “Be grumpy in the morning” to my “to dos” because they are as constant as “Pay the bills”.

Then there are the fun “to dos”: “Get dressed for the party” is one of my favorites. “Meet sister for lunch” is always a good one. “Bake cookies for the housewarming” and “Go to conference” happen occasionally and are a real treat when they appear on my list.

Then there are the “to dos” that I long to write down. “Go to the spa”. “Pack for trip to London”. I’m hoping to be able to cross both of these off my list this year.

In the meantime, my “to dos” are getting both more concrete and more enjoyable. “Go to writing group” is something I’ve recently returned to. “Run short play festival auditions” is coming up this weekend. “Create Fundraising program” is an ongoing task that is both fun and challenging.

I have my list of things I need to do today, and I’m happy to say that I can now cross off “Write blog post.” It’s a great feeling!


photo credit: blue_j via photopin cc

2 responses to “Things To Do

  1. Felice Fontana says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more, I am the same way. Love to cross things off of my daily list, even if they are mental.


  2. Carolyn Cook says:

    “The price of admission to life.” I love that!


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