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Hello 2015!

on January 6, 2015

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Hey there 2015! How’s it going so far?

I thought we should have a chat, you and me, before we get too far along in our relationship. I want to make sure you understand my expectations for our time together. Just so we avoid, you know, any misunderstandings.

First, let me say, your brother 2014 was better to me than some of your other siblings (who shall remain nameless – although I’m looking at you 2010), but he could have been a little more generous. I worked my ass off to make the most of our time, but he didn’t seem to notice. It’s true that I got his attention early on, but he seemed to lose interest towards the end. He did give me a nice gift that I wasn’t expecting, but all in all, I don’t think his heart was in it. He just wasn’t that into me. That’s ok; I’ve had some great relationships with some of your brothers in the past, and I understand that they can’t all be romances. But the last few have been disappointing. I’m just being honest.

But it’s your time now, and we have a chance to do something new. I promise I’ll do my part, and I’ll work hard to keep a positive frame of mind for you. I know that makes your job easier, and I am willing to admit that maybe some of the problems I had with your brothers is that I lost my faith. I stopped believing that things could get better between us, and I realize now that with that attitude, those relationships were doomed to fail.

Just to be clear, I do have some very high expectations of you. I expect you to recognize and reward my hard work. I expect you to be kind and loving to me and my family and friends. I expect you to bring me opportunities for growth and change, but in a gentle way. I expect you to be extraordinary.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you. I think we’re going to be great together.
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2 responses to “Hello 2015!

  1. Felice Fontana says:

    This is great, Amanda! Creative and spot on , well done!


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