Every Day is Saturday

Finding Joy in the Here and Now

Requiem for my Car, Taken Too Soon

on March 7, 2014


My friend, I will miss you.

We only had ten years together.

One Hundred Eighteen Thousand miles wasn’t enough.

You had so many more miles to give.

Your 5-star crash safety rating, traction control and anti-lock brakes made me feel safe.

Your sun roof kept me in touch with the beauty of nature.

Your 3-litre, V-6 engine made me feel powerful.

I felt sexy manipulating your 5-speed manual transmission.

I always enjoyed the Valet’s surprise when he delivered you to me –

The Girl who Drove a Stick Shift.

With you, I was hot.

With you, I was cool.

You were my confidant.

You listened patiently to me when I cried and prayed and sang.

You rejoiced with me and mourned with me.

You took me where I needed to go, and helped me find my wisdom along the way.

When I saw you for the last time today, I couldn’t help but reminisce.

I thought about our passengers; looking into the seat next to me, I could see them.

I thought about the music I blasted through your Bose speakers and smiled.

But when I hit your trunk release for the last time, I sobbed.

Goodbye, dearest friend. You will always be special to me.

There will be other cars, oh yes.

Fancier cars, maybe even faster ones.

But no one will replace you in my heart – the first car I truly chose for myself.


Thanks for reading my blog!  If you want to know more about me and my journey, check out my book “Everyday is Saturday” on Kindle.  The book is part diary, part memoir, about the first year after I was laid off from my dream job.  I think it has something to say to anyone who is struggling with change.

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