Every Day is Saturday

Finding Joy in the Here and Now

The Greatest Thing

on June 25, 2013

I think the greatest thing about being underemployed and working from home is that you can go off and do things that you never would be able to do if you worked for someone who made you go into an office every day.  For example, last week I went to visit my mother in another state.  My sister and I drove over to help her move about three miles from one house to another. It was great fun, great time together, and it would have never happened if I still had a regular job – at least not during the week.  While I was there I participated in a conference call with some colleagues and reviewed a project we’re finalizing, so I did continue to work.

Since my layoff three years ago I’ve taken advantage of the freedom I have to visit friends and family.  It has been such a gift.  I can’t do it all the time of course, but I love to get out of town when I get the chance.  I tend to stay in the house a lot, which starts to be soul-crushing for an extrovert like me.  These periodic trips keep me clear-headed and energized, as well as remind of how much I’m loved.

So even though the trade-off is being poor, I still wouldn’t give up the freedom I have to spend time with the people I love.  I think my priorities have changed.  I used to be incredibly career-driven, to define myself by the relative coolness of my job, but that need to be “successful” has lessened.  Yes, I want to work, to do good work, to work at something I enjoy and find fulfilling, but not at the expense of my relationships.  And this time in my life has given me more opportunity to be the kind of wife, friend, daughter and sister than I’ve ever had as an adult.  It really is pretty great.

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