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I’m Broke

on June 14, 2013

Really, really broke.  Right now we have $39 and change in the checking account, and my husband doesn’t get paid until tomorrow.  Fortunately we have gas in the cars, food in the fridge, and the bills are paid, but I’ve been pretty much stuck in the house for two weeks.

This situation is all the more frustrating because people owe me money – a good bit of money.  I finished my last gig almost six weeks ago and sent in my final invoice when I got back to town, so I had anticipated that payment to arrive sometime at the end of last month – they were always great about paying me promptly.  So when the 30-day mark passed with no check I had to call my client about it.  Apparently they hadn’t processed my invoice.  I was promised that they would get it paid “as soon as possible”; that was on Monday of this week.  It could still be days before the check shows up.  I also have a few dollars coming to me for a couple of articles I’ve written, but I don’t think they cut checks until @ the 15th, so I’m waiting on that as well.

This is the biggest downside of working for yourself, in my opinion.  Unless you are blessed to have a constant stream of work, there is always this uncertainty about money.  I really, really dislike worrying about money!  But that’s the trade-off:   steady paycheck vs. doing what you want to do.  And as much as I hate being broke, I still wouldn’t give it up.  Not yet anyway.

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